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Harp Enterprise LLC works on a mission to provide our customers with superior service that is cost effective, to do work that enhances property values, and to get the job done on time. Our employees and business partners take pride in their shared commitment to excellence, and our highly collaborative approach means that your personal projects or company objectives are our objectives. We offer our customers up-to-date scheduling information and cost analysis so that they are able to make informed decisions throughout the entire process. The goal of our team, through solid communication, transparency, trust, and teamwork, is to arrive at a shared vision- a project that we can all be proud of!
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About Us

Harp Enterprise

We’ve dedicated our time to building a reputable company focused on exceeding our clients’ expectations for quality, functionality, and aesthetics while also gaining the trust of our clients through our integrity. For us, it’s not just about counting transactions – it’s about building relationships. We offer services in residential and commercial properties, and stay committed to transforming our clients’ vision into a reality.

Why Choose Us For Home Remodeling?

There are many reasons why you should choose our firm for your next home remodeling project. Here are some of the top reasons that our clients choose to work with us and why you should too!

  • Amazing customer service- Our number one priority is always our clients. More than 85% of our clients do repeat business with us, due to the fact that they appreciate our professionalism and responsiveness to their needs throughout the project. 
  • Worry free- Our dedicated on-site supervisor will stay on top of every aspect of your project and communicate with you on a regular basis, so that you don’t have to worry about anything. When you work with us, you can take your mind off the construction going on and focus on going about your everyday business.
  • More than a century of combined experience in all our industries- There’s nothing that our firm isn’t able to handle confidently and compete with quality work. With more than a hundred years of combined experience in all of our industries, we are able to handle any problem that comes up.
  • Accountability- We know that accountability is crucial when it comes to any project, which is why we take a number of measures to stay accountable. From weekly meetings to keep your project on track to assigning a project manager to all projects who will work closely with the dedicated on-site supervisor throughout the project, you are sure to have a team that is accountable and on task. Our staff and field employees meet every week to discuss your home remodeling project, address any problems, and track progress in order to stay on schedule. 
  • Responsive to clients at a moment’s notice- You’re always able to reach us by telephone and email, and we always make sure to follow through on all commitments, questions, and expectations. We also communicate with regular updates to keep you in the look throughout the profession of the project.
  • Reliable- HARP Enterprise LLC is licensed and insured, and offers warranties to protect your investment!
  • Pristine job sites- Our firm is proud of the extra care and attention that we give to keeping our job sites clean and sanitary throughout the whole job. This increases efficiency and safety on the job site while maximizing presentability for anyone who passes by to view it.

Our Services

Things in your home will break and get worn down by time; this is a cycle that your house will inevitably go through more than once. An ancient Chinese proverb says, “fortune does not come in pairs, and calamity never comes alone.” This is an extremely accurate quote when it comes to home remodeling and additions! Usually when you have a broken AC, leaking roof, and a clogged toilet at one time, you would have to call up a plumber, renovation contractors, and an HVAC technician one by one. Setting all of that up would be a scheduling nightmare, and managing it wouldn’t be a lot better either. In these situations you can save time and money by contacting our firm to solve the problem! We provide solutions for everything around a home. This means that when we are fixing your roof, we can clean it for you. When you settle your plumbing problem, we’re able to give your bathroom a new look that you’ve always wanted. When correcting your AC components, we can go in there, upgrade it, and make sure that your AC system will have longevity. When you need anything added, renovated, or removed from your home, our firm is there to do it for you so that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of finding and scheduling a bunch of different companies to do so!

A coveted time of year, summer brings beautiful warm weather and long nights of fun. However, along with all of the picturesque weather and fun in the sun comes high temperatures that often make those lovely summer days unbearably hot and uncomfortable. It is in times such as those that you really start to appreciate the benefits of air conditioning. HVAC systems are energy-efficient and useful ways to keep your family comfortable even in the most brutal of temperatures. Both residential homes and commercial businesses alike can really benefit from having central air conditioning installed, since these units can create a more pleasant environment. While a lot of people worry that installing air conditioning in an existing structure is an impossible task, it’s actually not as complicated as you may think. There are several types of systems that you can choose from to fit your space the most optimally. There are ductless systems which are typically used in places that are unable to install ductwork due to lack of space, or for rooms that need a little extra help cooling down, or for homeowners seeking energy-efficient units. There are also split and packaged systems, as well as duct systems which are able to distribute air evenly throughout your house and, when properly installed, can cut down your utility bill and avoid expensive breakdowns in the future.
One of the most irritating and disappointing things is to jump in the shower after a long hot day of working around the house, and having the water pressure be weak and flowing with frigid temperatures. However, this disappointment is insignificant compared to a scenario when you fail to sell your home at market value due to the fact that the inspector discovered that the plumbing wasn’t up to code in Florida. When you enlist the help of our firm, you can set your worries aside and you can let us successfully complete the project with our crew of professional and friendly experts. We promise to always deliver the highest quality craftsmanship for any plumbing project. You may think about trying to fix your plumbing yourself, but that may not only end up being a huge hassle but not get you the results you want and risk your personal safety. One of the greatest things at risk when attempting a DIY project is personal safety. Unlike weeding the flower bed, plumbing projects can involve hazards such as caustic chemicals, highly volatile solvents, saws, blades, flames, odors, wastewater, heights, and confined spaces. Without the proper preparation and protection, these hazards are able to result in personal injury or even cause death. Besides the risk of personal injury, there’s also a risk of property damage. What was a simple upstairs bathroom sink replacement has been turned into an entire remodel of the downstairs bedroom due to the water damage you cause. You’ll have no problems and peace of mind when you call us to take care of the issue at hand.
No matter what the size of your window project, our firm is able to provide the window installation services that your home needs. We offer only the highest quality craftsmanship and fairest prices on the market, and are dedicated to customer service as we want our clients to always return to us for all of their future window service needs. Replacing your old windows can be a great investment that ultimately helps you save money in the long run since it can assist in lowering your energy bills significantly while raising the value of your home. When you replace windows with us, it doesn’t have to be a major project- our state-of-the-art installation techniques mean that the majority of windows can be replaced in just one day!
Wood, mold, rusted metal, and other issues with your roof can lead to catastrophic problems and expensive repairs if they’re not dealt with immediately. Your roof is the most essential structure in your home. When it comes to roof repair it’s key that it is only performed by contractors who are knowledgeable in every aspect of the roofing system. Contractors need to understand the unique challenges presented by different styles of roofs. If you think that your roof is leaking, contact our trustworthy technicians so that we are able to identify where the roof repair is needed, where the leak started, the damage it has already caused, and the steps necessary to properly correct it.
Our firm provides professional, high quality painting for your house or commercial building. We treat every house that we paint as our own. We can paint both the exterior and interior in order to update your home. Our professional painters will put their extensive knowledge to work for you, and we look forward to providing you with a premium painting job to make your home or commercial building look its best!


Excellent work. Very professional

Vince P. (Cape Coral)

True professionals who are friendly and understood what I wanted to accomplish.

Nancy R.

(Estero, FL)

True professionals who are friendly and understood what I wanted to accomplish.

Nancy R.

(Estero, FL)

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