Your home’s air conditioning system is an investment that needs to be protected! Costly damages surprise you and make you empty your pockets and have to sit in the Cape Coral heat while it is repaired. The help of air conditioning services from experts like us at Harp Enterprise will keep your operating costs low and preserve your system, so it works for a long time. 


You can do your part too, by knowing some crucial dos and don’ts of maintenance and air conditioning repair.


Annual Air Conditioning Repair

Before the heat of summer becomes inescapable, we recommend you give us a call to schedule an inspection. An air conditioning expert will clean your entire system while looking for any trouble spots or areas that are not running correctly. This regular maintenance lets you know if your unit is operating at peak performance and efficiency. A well-performing AC system keeps you coolest and keeps costs low. Roughly 5% of running efficiency is lost each year without routine cleaning and maintenance. Otherwise, in just a few years, it will be time for a new air conditioning installation.


Check Your Thermostat 

Your thermostat is like your translator between you and your cooling system. You tell it what you would like it to do, and it’s the thermostat’s job to orchestrate the right combination of functions within your AC system. That is a heavy responsibility, and if your thermostat is low-quality or underperforming, it might hurt your cooling system as a whole. To keep costs low and achieve maximum cooling potential, set your thermostat to a moderate level. 


Change Those Air Filters

If you are living with air-filters that are full of dust and dirt, you are making your air conditioning system work too hard and breathing poor quality air. These filters last about three or four months but change them once a month during the summer months. If you are getting a new air conditioning installation, make sure you see every place in your home that will need a new air filter. 


Don’t Stand for Clogs in the Outside Unit

During the yearly inspection and cleaning, our air conditioning expert will be on the lookout for clogs or debris that is collecting in the outside unit. These kinds of clogs are caused by insects, next, rodents, and sometimes even trash that gets stuck. These traps reduce airflow and make your system strain to perform.


Proper air conditioning installation should do its best to safeguard against opportunistic creatures that will try and get inside the unit. But as your system ages, its defenses go down. Yet another reason an annual inspection is crucial as a homeowner.


Contact Us

Of all the “dos and don’ts,” the number one “do” is to call a Harp Enterprise expert in air conditioning repair. When you live in Cape Coral, don’t let your AC system go without annual inspection. You need to protect that investment into keeping your home comfortable. Call us or send a message for a free estimate.


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