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Floors are a crucial part of any building. In your own home, you want a floor that is solid, free of rot, and that adds an aesthetic touch that can improve the atmosphere of your home. They’re not something to take lightly, so you should always look for the best help. That’s where Harp Enterprise LLC comes in. We offer a variety of services for your home, including several home additions, windows, plumbing repairs, and HVAC. One of the home additions that we are genuinely proud of is our floor renovations. If you’re looking for a business that Cape Coral locals trust with their work, visit our website today!

The Best Company For Flooring Cape Coral Has To Offer

Our flooring Cape Coral services are highly praised for several reasons, but there are three that keep coming up in our work. The first of those is our professional attitude. We take what we do seriously; we understand that we are working on people’s homes, and our clients have a lot of love invested in the places they live in. We want to respect that and do the best work we can for those reasons. Because of our professional attitude, we are very punctual. We strive to be there when we say we will be and to show up as prepared as we can be. Lastly, we are attentive to our clients. Ultimately, our work is meant to serve you. We want you to be aware of our goals, deadlines, and processes, so you can give your input and know what to expect.

The Services We Offer

We have over 100 years of business experience and are capable of providing whatever floor service you need. As such, we offer work in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, foyers, home offices, and basements. This includes installing carpet, tile, hardwood, or any other standard floor surface. Our expert teams also know how to lay the best flooring for each room environment. For instance, bathroom floors can get a bit wet. Water damage can accumulate on your floor if it’s not prepared for that possibility, but our team will ensure that your floor will last long and protect against that sort of damage.

Our Biggest Service: Keeping You Involved

We understand that people want to know what’s happening in their home. That’s why we keep you involved by giving you weekly updates on the progress of a project. We want you to know what’s happening at each step of the way, and we want to grant you the chance to give us your input. We also strive to be available at a moment’s notice if you reach out to us. At any time during a project, you can reach us by either telephone or email.

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We hold a high reputation for our flooring Cape Coral services. If you think we’re the right company to provide your flooring, send us a message or call us at (239) 240-4616. We look forward to working with you!

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