The second our eyes meet something new, we start making judgments. A building that is dirty, dingy, or stained will give off a menacing and unprofessional look. Employees and clients will try to stay away! 


Maintaining a welcoming and professional exterior does not have to be a challenge. Customized pressure washing uplifts the face of your business by removing pollution stains, graffiti, gum, and bird nests. Harp Enterprises will use different water pressures and temperatures to match the job. Additionally, we know the appropriate biodegradable detergents recommended for safely cleaning large areas. Our pressure washing services tackle tasks big or small, keeps Cape Coral looking its best, and provides other benefits you may not know!


Pressure Washing Services Are More than Skin Deep 

While many people see pressure washing as just an excellent way to maintain curb appeal, it keeps the building itself in better standing condition by preventing damage. Buildup from bird droppings, mold, algae, and dirt can wear away the patina of the building, causing rot and creating weak spots to the structure. Building materials such as brick may deteriorate if left unwashed while heavy with grime. Bird droppings are acidic and eat away at the roof and gutter systems. 


Simply cleansing the building of these kids of buildup will protect the structure of the building, reduce the risk of further damage, and save building owners money.


Pressure Washing Is Good For Employee Health

Washing the outside of your building for public health might sound like the craziest assertion of all, but hear us out! A building plagued with allergens can lead to short and long term health issues for your employees. The buildup of pollen, dust, mildew, pollutants, and algae can trigger allergies, giving people chronic headaches and difficulty breathing. Pressure washing cleanses the building. Regular washes keep them from coming back.


Goodbye, Graffiti 

While graffiti is mostly a cosmetic attack, sometimes vandals can use spray paint to write offensive or upsetting words or images. People who see it will get uncomfortable, and leaving it up too long will reflect poorly on the building management. Get rid of that quick as can be with pressure washing.


Keep Everything Looking Its Best

Pressure washing is not limited to the windows, walls, and roofs. To achieve an all-around stunning and professionally clean, our pressure washing services will clean other spaces associated with the property. Imagine a parking lot without oil spots, sidewalks without gum, and dumpster areas without stinky rings on the concrete! 


Since we tailor the washing to the job, there is not an area on your building’s campus that we cannot bring a new shine to. We’ll make it a place employees are proud to work.


Contact Us

All outdoor spaces are ready for a facelift. Cape Coral, let us keep you pretty and healthy with pressure washing! Call us or send a message to Harp Enterprises and tell us about your property. We can give you a free estimate and discuss the best of our pressure washing services that will fit your needs.

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