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Remodeling or just trying to rejuvenate the outside of your home? Pressure washing is a step you will want to include in your plans. For aesthetic purposes, a good pressure wash can restore driveways and stonewalls to their original glory. When looking to repaint or resurface your home’s exterior, pressure washing is crucial to properly clean the surface so it can be painted. You may have seen someone in your neighborhood pull out a pressure washer to take care of an oil stain or two. But there are some real reasons residents of Cape Coral trust Harp Enterprise to professionally prepare their home for remodeling, in addition to our other services.

Pressure Washing as A Beginner

Entry-level pressure washer machines are available for purchase from several hardware retailers. Homeowners frequently use them for home projects, but perhaps they would not if they were to know all the potential risks involved!
Most homeowners who go about power washing the sides of their homes assume it is okay because homes are built to withstand moisture from light humidity to major thunderstorms. However, if you are more concerned with getting a stubborn stain out of the siding and not considering the material, turning the pressure washer to its highest capacity might cause moisture damage within the house.
Additionally, if one misuses a large pressure washer, they risk damaging the structure of the house itself! Sure, it’s easy to believe that one would be able to tell when they are putting too much pressure on some pieces of siding. But did you know pressure washers are strong enough to blast away the mortar of a brick house?

Trust a Professional

Even if a home renovation is a motivation for this deep clean, it seems hardly wise to use the cleaning instrument to potentially cause more destruction to the exterior or make parts of the home more vulnerable to leaks.
To do it correctly, the person wielding the hose should have full knowledge of how the process will affect different materials, how those materials might react to the pressure, and how to handle an unexpected scenario. Don’t forget that force enough to strip a grease stain from concrete uses force enough to cause injury if a mistake is made.

That about covers any case you can conjure. With the wide breadth of knowledge and experience we have, you can rest assured that your home is in capable hands. If you are unsure at any point, our team of professionals will be there to remove any confusion.

The Benefit of Pressure Washing Beyond Aesthetics

Before painting a home, the surfaces must be prepared before they are cleaned. Power washing is an incredibly perfect way to clean the exterior of your home entirely to prepare it for fresh paint, and we’ve already mentioned how a pressure washer can clean areas outside the house that have become dingy.
We believe that you should arrange an annually scheduled pressure-wash as a way to maintain the health of your home and family. This washing technique — when done correctly and by experienced contractors — will, in fact, remove mold and mildew! So while trying to perform this step yourself, you might incidentally create mold and mildew inside the home. A professional can use this method to keep anything harmful growing on the outside of your home from reaching the inside.

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