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We Want You To Review Our Remodeling Company In Cape Coral!

Before the world ran on online reviews, companies could easily boast about their quality services and only be challenged by word of mouth.

In modern times, businesses like ours that perform services are held accountable for the quality of their work by people just like you, who can go online and write about their experience. This takes a little time and effort on the part of the customer. Too frequently, guests only write reviews when they are dissatisfied.

Harp Enterprise is a remodeling company that offers high-quality work where it is needed most. If you have trusted us to care for and repair your home, you can be sure we brought you our A-game. But without positive online reviews, would you have chosen us? Or would our skillful services have been lost in the sea of Cape Coral contractors?

For these reasons, we ask for all our customers to leave us a review on Google My Business. We want to respond to where we could have done better, and let others know that we aren’t blowing smoke about the quality of our services!

Leave Our Remodeling Company a Review

Leaving a review on Google My Business could not be easier! Type “Harp Enterprise Cape Coral” into the Google search browser. You will find our Google My Business profile already open on the right-hand side of the results page. Cast your eyes slowly down the page until you see a button labeled “Write a Review.” Once you click on the button, a lightbox will appear that will ask you to log into your account with Google (if you are not using the Chrome browser.) After logging in, you can give a star-rating, write about your experience, and even upload photos of the work we have done for you!

To compose a review on the Google My Business platform, you must have or create a Google account. No Google account? We encourage you to start one to leave us and other great business reviews.

The Importance of Reviews For Harp Enterprise

We place importance on feedback from our clients, and when we say feedback, we mean more than a simple “good job” or “bad job.” Listening to our customers is how we created a service that directly meets the needs of and delivers only the best to Cape Coral residents. We sincerely want your thoughts and honesty that will help us change and grow, or inspire others to let us do what we do best as a multi-service home remodeling company.

Some of Our Latest Reviews

Some customers have already been leaving us an assessment after we have completed a project for them. Positive or negative, we respond to each one. We do this to let you and others know that we are attentively listening and that we acknowledge and appreciate the time you took out of your day to share your thoughts.

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If you haven’t worked with Harp Enterprise yet, please give us a call at (239) 240-4616, and then we will get to work discussing what vital improvements we can make to your home. You can also book an online appointment. We offer the care and experience you need from a remodeling company and ask that you then leave us a review so others in Cape Coral can find us.

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